“Do not be exceedingly angry, O Lord, and do not remember iniquity forever …” (Isa. 64.9).

I want to ask you a question. This question is so common that you usually do not think about it seriously. But think about it seriously now. It is the question, what do you want? See what I mean? You are always thinking about what you want. You want lunch, you want to take a nap, you want to watch TV, you want some more ice cream, you want a new job, you want the kids to be quiet, etc. More seriously, you want a good report from your doctor, you want your loved one to recover…. You and I want a lot. But stop for a moment, and take a little more time with this question. What do you really want, not just right now, but in life. What is most important to you? What are you seeking? How do you spend your time and money? It could be that you cannot decide on just one thing. I think a problem affluent people have is that we want many things because we can have many things. We want it all! This it too bad, because there is a basic spiritual principle that we need to learn. It is this: We can’t have everything! That is, we cannot really derive the benefit of everything we may acquire. To really benefit from what we have requires time and commitment, investment and effort. Since we have limited resources, we need to invest ourselves in the things that are most important. So let me ask again, what do you really want? Choose well, and seek it. — After a period of chastening, because they had chosen poorly, the community represented above, decided what they really wanted was to be back in God’s good graces. They had come to their spiritual senses, and had chosen well. When we examine our lives and seek God for what He alone can give us, we, too, have chosen well. When we have peace with God we have something that cannot be taken away, and will sustain for eternity. Think about that, and tell me what you really want.

Michael Case

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