#100daysofpublishing Day 4

A mock-up for issue #135's cover. We went with something completely different, but I love this cover that could have been.

We’re almost ready to put the summer issue together, and are starting to send bits and pieces to our designer, Joe Martz. Because we’re dedicating the issue to visual storytelling, we decided to choose cover art by artist Anna Bron, who can tell amazing stories with a single image. Personally, I was hoping “Dinner” would work as a cover, as it was my favourite piece featured on Anna’s website, and it did look spectacular in the cover mock-ups (above). Unfortunately, we’ve chosen dark colours for our title-band in the last few issues, and it often prints significantly darker than it appears on screen. I just didn’t think it would work well as a printed magazine cover. So, we have gone with something lighter in colour and feeling, but I’m still happy the mock-up exists.

My contributions to each issue are barely noticeable, of course. I submit any changes to the masthead, such as updating the lists of board members and editors, and make sure that the correct logos are included if the issue has a special sponsor (which in this case, it does!). I also keep track of donors for the TNQs list, and of the ads featured in the back of the issue. I’ll be submitting the bind-in subscription cards straight to the printer when the issue is finished.

I also provide Joe with the correct barcode for each issue, which is what I’m waiting for now, because we’ve decided to raise the price of our single copies to $15. This is to reflect rising postage and printing rates, and because we’re planning to raise the payment rates to our contributors. The subscription rate, meanwhile, will not be changed in the near future.

We also received some free posters for the National Magazine Awards gala, which are pretty spiffy! We managed to wrangle six nominations this year, which puts us in 14th place in the list of most-nominated magazines of 2015. Considering we’re a text-based cultural magazine, this is a pretty big deal. It’s an honour just to be nominated, and we’re so proud of all of our authors (but it would be really fantastic to get the NMA gold medal back on our cover!).

With and without the NMA gold medal

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