if they must trust someone else to prevent them falling victim to a double-spend, that is requiring they trust a third party.
I Did Not Invest in a Password
The Pirate Who Can't Be Named

That happens to be the same complaint about Lightning. Blocking transactins by miners suddenly makes double spends possible through Lightning. So there is that.

Furthermore, the whole article sounds like a slippery slope argument again. And it all works at any blocksize-limit, again no quantification whatsoever.

This healthy balance between fully validating nodes / miners / SPV clients could be anywhere right? Left, right. Who knows?

And suddenly talking about passwords/accounts makes the slippery slope even more stupid, because that is what happens when fees are insanely high: You get pushed into centralised services which require a password, if only because they are cheaper….

Small blocks pushes people into solutions like Coinbase.

Up is down and down is up again. Sigh.