No, it is not. What happens is:
The Pirate Who Can't Be Named

That’s a lot of text for just handwaving my concern away.

Where is the direct monetary gain from blocking certain transactions indefinitely? How does that compare to blocking a transaction until you can publish a previous settlement transaction?

I’m not saying Lightning is completely useless and insecure for all use-cases. My point is that it doesn’t scale Bitcoin because it has different security characteristics.

Can you really argue with that?

I mean, are you suggesting all transactions happen on Lightning? The simple reality is that above a certain value, you should settle on-chain immediately.

The interesting question is, what value is that? And should we not take everything into account. Which includes the cost of blocking a transaction.

And maybe blocks need to be invalid if a certain transaction isn’t in it. Or if there is a provable cause of Lightning fraud (double spend).