Why Bitcoin Will Get Scaling Without Segwit or Large Blocks
Jimmy Song

This is exactly what I imaging happening. And what I warn about. Pushing people into insecure centralised permissioned off-chain solutions. You just made it seem more rose colored than it is.

Because the whole point of Bitcoin would be lost: No mediation.

Just look at how everyone scoffs against rootstock. Nobody is taking it serious. And I expect it will go nowhere. Because people are not into Bitcoin to then move towards centralised or permissioned services.

Furthermore, if the limit is not raised and stays the same. The limit effectively keeps lowering relative to everything else. It is unsustainable.

And like i said: fees go up exponentially. That too makes keeping the limit completely unsustainable.

My prediction: Something is going to break. And like in a failing relationship, the things keeping everything together will slowly fade away. And at a certain point the cost of a split will seem inconsequential.

That’s my prediction.

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