Understanding Blockstream
Nick Tomaino

What a load of bullshit.

Core has not supported increasing the block size as quickly as some would like to increase the network’s ability to process transactions

That would also include Satoshi himself as he was very clear about his vision for Bitcoin. The author should read the whitepaper again.

Some in the community fear this will soon become a bottleneck for user adoption

Been living under a rock? This is already happening. Fees gone up tenfold. Is the author saying this has had no influence on adoption somehow?

No one group has the ability to make major protocol changes and a super majority vote is actually required to do so.

Holy shit. Grabbing the Core propaganda and position it as fact? If you need a super majority to change bitcoin, that means you are f*#&$ing giving a minority veto power over any change. That is madness!

The reality is that this Core belief is being pushed and even designed into soft-forks created by Core. And if these beliefs had merrit, it would need no propaganda, attacks and censorship to stay relevant.

The best thing about Bitcoin development is that anyone in the world can participate

No you can’t. Outsiders who want to change bitcoin get attacked, their clients DDOS attacked and they get censored on all major Bitcoin fora!

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