What Canyoning Near Sydney Has to Do With Building a Sewing Business in Spain

I love Marie Forleo. In the latest episode of MarieTV she interviews Todd Henry, author of Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice, The Accidental Creative and Die Empty, founder of Accidental Creative, who talks about how

Every creative project has a U-shape. It’s like walking into a canyon.

In the beginning you look across the canyon and you see the destination. Everything is clear — you can see the path, it seems easy to get to the other side.

Looking back on 10 years as a self-employed dressmaker memories of my own canyoning trip near lovely Sydney, Australia, had come to mind.

Beautiful Sydney, Australia — miss you!
This is what I thought canyoning was all about

I was scared but I’d come so far that not moving ahead wasn’t an option.

Once we’d arrived at the bottom of the cave and started climbing, abseiling, swimming in ice cold water, trying to find ways to move along the virtually unexplored creek we realized that getting down into the cave had been the easy part.

Starting and Growing My Sewing Business Has Been Exactly the Same, Only Without a Guide:

Business coach for creatives & transformation professionals. Turning passions into thriving businesses. Dressmaker for flamenco artists. Dog lover.

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