First ICO results and the future
Oct 26, 2017 · 1 min read

We are glad to say the First sexService ICO was successfully closed.

Thanks to all of investors, the project raised about $450,000 (including pre-ICO). We met more, than 600 investors total. And it is so great so many people are interested.

Some interesting facts about sexService ICO:

  • About 55% and 40% was raised in BTC and ETH respectively. Only 5% paid in LTC and DOGE.
  • We got many transfers with small amounts
  • We have many returning investors (who invested more, than 1 time)

These money will cover development, business and marketing needs, and you can expect sexService updates soon. Now we are working on Chats, Communities, and Profiles.

Many contributors have joined SSIO project also. Thank you for keeping us running!

If you are interested to participate in the sexService some way now or later, see Contribute page.