What are you getting with SSIO tokens

Oct 5, 2017 · 2 min read

As our sexService platform is for ordinary people, who are not familiar with crypto World, it is a good idea to clarify the reasons to buy SSIO tokens.

SSIO token (share, coin) is a digital asset, used as money in sexService.io.

Having SSIO tokens, you become a stakeholder

sexService is a distributed system with no central authority where SSIO holders rules.

The sexService blockchain uses DPOS algorithm. Total amount of SSIO tokens is limited — there are 50,000,000 SSIO at the beginning, which slowly (for decades) grows to the maximum of 150,000,000 SSIO (these newly created tokens intend to cover the expenses for those, who running nodes to maintain all the infrastructure).

So every SSIO token holder is also a sexService stakeholder.

Buying sex related services and goods

Sex is a 186 Billion dollars market, and we are going play a part in it. SSIO tokens will be a payment unit to buy services, provided by sexService members. We’re planning to attract sex related industry also, like sex shops, so you will be able to buy stuff.

As in any distributed system, every transaction should be covered by fee. SSIO tokens will be used as a payment intermediary for creation of a community for example.


Speculations are a common fact for crypto World. ICOs are attracting investors, because token prices are intend to grow (sometimes even tenfolds) after the end of the each one ICO. So this is a way to make money (like a startup), offering very high return rates on investments.

Nowadays token prices in general rise after particular token lists on exchanges, and that leads to a rise of speculation interests. But SSIO token price will strive to growth not because of speculations, but due to an added value. When the sexService will have enough users with their everyday needs, the necessity in SSIO as a payment unit will lead to huge growth of its price.