Let’s play truth or dare.

Now? Like, now?

Yes now.

Okay. Truth or dare?


Okay. What is guaranteed to make you come?

Hah. I knew you’d ask me that. Okay. If you nibble or lick my neck while you’re inside me…that does it. Truth or dare?


Hah. Okay. I dare you to…remove my bra. Completely. Without looking at my breasts.

Okay. Okay. That’s gonna…okay. Raise your hands and…no no don’t do that. Just….oh yes! Got the hook off. Alright now to slide it… crap how do you women get this on? Done! Yes! My turn. Truth or dare?


Touch yourself. For a minute.

Okay. Done.

Great you’re holding your face. Real smart. I meant….

Haha should have been more specific. Truth or dare?


What body part of mine do you like the most?

I’m kind of obsessed with your breasts.


And your fingers.

Whoa. Okay…tell me more.

Yeah especially when you have that red nailpolish on. God. I think of your hands wrapped around my dick all the time then. Are you purring? Hah. Truth or dare?

Dare. No wait truth! Truth!

No backsies. Masturbate. So I can watch. And talk me though it.

Oh-kay….um. okay. I like pinching my nipples slightly. I like cupping my breasts. Squeezing them a little. Run my hands down my hips. Cup my butt. Bring my hand round to my front. One hand back up to my breasts. I’m gonna slip a finger inside. Dip into the wetness inside and bring it out….rub my clit with it. In circles and back and forth. My hips are twisting about. More dipping, more wetness for my clit….rubbing it harder now…

Okay stop. Stop. I… okay. You can stop now.

Mmmmm. Truth or dare?


Put your index finger inside me.

Thank God. Yes. Truth or dare?


Seriously? You’re like the most exasperating…fine. Okay. Truth. What do you want me to do to you today?

So many things. I want you to finger fuck me. Hard. One or two fingers inside me, your thumb on my clit. Make me come. Then we start again. I want you to fuck me doggy style on all fours. My breasts swaying with every thrust. And you bending over me to grab them and grope me mid-fuck. I want to come at least five times today. And the more the better.

So. No pressure then. Good to know.

Truth or dare?


Put your dick inside me. Fuck me. Hard.

I thought you wanted me to finger fuck you.

Can’t a woman change her mind? Now get.

Oh god. Oh god. Yes. Fuck.

You should. Now. Like hard. Please?

I love this. I love you.

I didn’t say truth or dare.

Shut up. Where’s your neck?

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