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Take a moment, close your eyes, and call to mind the men in your life who have struggled with sex and relationships. You could envision your clients, your relatives, or your friends. There’s a pretty good chance that many of them have been influenced by the work of pickup artists at one point or another.

For those of us who work with men, it’s important to know what our clients have learned about dating, sex, and relationships to help them move toward their goals for their sex lives. …

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Power is so mundane that it is assumed to need no explanation. All of us exercise or are subjected to the exercise of various forms of power on a daily basis.

People experience power as that which allows them to get things done and to impose their will on the world. People understand that other humans also have power and seek to impose their will on the world.

Thus, individuals are vulnerable to the wills of others.

The exercise of power is foundational to being human. At its most basic, the anthropological understanding of power “refers to something human beings can do — it entails the ability to assert oneself against external forces” (Popitz, 2017, p. …

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Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

In the first quarter of the 21st century, populism is in vogue. Liberal democracy is facing challenges to its hegemony in Europe and the Americas.

Around Europe and in the United States, an upswing in support for populist political parties has resulted in populists gaining real power. In Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, populist parties govern alone (Pappas, 2016, p. 32). In Italy and Greece, populist parties have governed in coalition (Pappas, 2016, p. 32).

The Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom saw surges of populist support for the ultimately successful “leave” vote. …


Sarah Martin, MA, CSC

Sex Coach for Software Developers. I write about sex & money.

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