The Only Guide To Amazon Prime Day Deals You Need

SexEdPlus Dan
Jul 15 · Unlisted
Photo by Mein Deal on Unsplash

Amazon has upped their Prime Day game this year by stretching the event to two days, July 15th and 16th.

Amazon employees campaigning for better working conditions have organized a strike to coincide with the sale.

Top Prime Day sales include Amazon devices, tech, and homegoods.

You can stand in solidarity with striking workers by refusing to buy Amazon products or visit Amazon sites during the strike.

In the lead up to Prime Day, Amazon recently expanded their offerings for one-day shipping.

Warehouse employees report that this has made an already stressful environment only more challenging.

Advocates for workers consider shopping with Amazon during the strike a virtual form of crossing the picket line.

(News coverage of the strike: CNN / VOX)


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