Gonorrhea In Women: Things That You Must Know About

Gonorrhea is a disease that mainly happens with the infection named Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This disease is also transmitted through sexually. It likely affects the warm area of body. These includes:

1. Eyes

2. Vagina

3. Throat

4. Anus

5. Fallopian tube

6. Uterus

The reason of for gonorrhea is unprotected sex with partner. It can be oral, vaginal and anal sex. If a person has a sex with more than one partner and that too without condom is at great risk of infection. The only way to stay away from such disease is monogamy, abstinence and unprotected sex. If there is tendency of a person to do sex without condom then there is more likelihood of gonorrhea infection. This mental state is the result of hard drinks, illegal drugs and intravenous injections.

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?

The symptoms of this disease usually occurs from 2 to 14 days after being infected. There are some patients, who have never developed the noticeable symptoms. Such persons, without symptoms are also called non-symptomatic carrier. The infections from such person are also transfer to their partner. It is also contagious in nature.

Symptoms in women:

The symptoms of this disease is identical to other transmitted disease. Many women do not develop any signs of this disease. The infection is mild and appear like other bacterial infections. The common infection that can be easily noticed is vaginal yeast. We are discussing the other common symptoms of gonorrhea below:

1. Watery discharge from vagina.

2. Pain while urinating.

3. More frequency of urination.

4. Heavier and longer periods.

5. Sore throat.

6. Acute pain in lower belly.

7. Fever.

8. Pain while sexual intercourse.

What are the tests for gonorrhea?

Doctors treat the gonorrhea infection in many ways. They take the sample of fluid from vagina, throat with swab and put it in the glass tube. If they find infection at this place then they inject needle into the affected area to pull out the fluid. The stain is been added to it for study under microscope. If the cells respond to the stain then your report is negative. This is the easiest way to detect the gonorrhea.

Second method to test gonorrhea is involvement of special dish for placing a sample on it. This dish is then placed for few days under ideal conditions. The community of gonorrhea will be seen if there is present any bacteria in the fluid. The final result will be known after 3 days only.


The antibiotics present in the market these days are enough to cure the gonorrhea infection. Free diagnosis and treatment is also provided by many states under state sponsored health clinics.

Home remedies are not helpful in this disease. It is better to take the advice from health professional than to rely on home remedies.

Antibiotics: the antibiotics injected to the buttocks is ceftriaxone and if taken by mouth then it is azithromycin. After some days of medicine, you will feel relaxed and relief from it. As per the proper treatment it is better to go to health department for consultation with health professional. The professional will identify, test it and treat them in order to prevent it from happening to your partner. They will even checkup the individual who come in contact with the infected one.

The substitute or antibiotic resistant strains is a major challenge. There are some cases that require extensive treatment. So in this case more than one antibiotic is required and this therapy will be extended for more than week. The regular course for this disease last for seven days normally. If we talk of antibiotics then the two most common ones are azithromycin and doxycycline. Study is also going on and scientists are working on it to develop a vaccine against gonorrhea infection.

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