Herpes Symptom In Women: What To Do When It Occurs?

Herpes in women is a sexually transmitted disease induced through a herpes simplex virus. In the earlier stages, many people remain unaware of any sign and symptom occurred due to herpes.

There are mainly 2 type of viruses that causes this infection

1. One virus causes genital herpes.

2. Another one causes blister in mouth and lips besides genital herpes.

As per the study by the US research, it has been found out that women are more infected than men.

How it is spread?

The main reason behind the spreading of herpes is skin to skin contact of the infected person with the uninfected person. The main point of spread is area around the sores and blisters. During vaginal or anal sex it may enter through skin contact. Other parts of the body from where it enters are:

· Labia

· Mouth lining

· Vagina

· From cracks and cuts.

People who have weak immune system are more prone to be infected with this disease. If a person takes a medicine for diseases like HIV/AIDS then his immune system will be weak.

Common signs of herpes in women

Sometimes, there are no outbreaks and signs of infection seen in women after getting infected. The virus stores in the nerve cell for a life and remain hidden till in-active. Once it is activated, the outbreak occurs.

First Outbreak

The first outbreak occurs after 2 weeks of contracting with the affected person. The symptoms at first outbreak include:

· Burning, itching in the private parts mainly vagina or anal area.

· Flu-like conditions like fever, sore throat and headache.

· Swollen glands

· Pain in vaginal area and legs.

· Unusual discharge.

· Problem while urinating.

After some days, you will notice painful sores ad blisters around the area from where the virus enters the body. The area are primarily:

1. Vaginal area.

2. Inside the vagina.

3. Urinary tract.

4. Thighs or buttocks.

5. On the cervix.

Other outbreaks

After the initial outbreak, you may notice more outbreak. These are rarely seen in some women. The signs and symptoms of herpes are mild during first outbreak then it keeps on developing at faster pace. Don’t feel embarrassed to see the doctor if you have signs of herpes.

How do you know if you are affected with this disease?

Medical examination is the only way to know about herpes. You can get it tested from the lab. The samples can be taken from the infected area like blister, sore and from blood. Don’t forget to tell to your partner about this infection if you are infected with it.


There is no permanent cure for this disease but you can prevent it from going to extreme condition. Anti- viral medicines are available to shorten and lessen the severe outbreaks.

Most of the people will able to manage this deadly disease. They share their disease with health care providers and friends to seek help from them but there are some, who feel shy in telling about this even to their partners. They don’t know that discussing with the partner can reduce the risk of same disease in the partner body.

What to do during the outbreak?

If you are infected then you should do the following things during outbreak.

1. Keep the area clean and dry that is infected.

2. Don’t touch the sores.

3. Clean the hands after touching the infected person.

4. Once you notice the signs then avoid making skin contact with the person.

How to avoid it?

We know that this virus is transferred mainly during the sex but you can get even without sex also. To avoid the herpes do the following things:

· Avoid sex and skin contact during herpes.

· Reduce the sex partners or limit the numbers.

· Use condom every time and correctly put it on your penis. Use condom during vaginal, anal and oral sex.