How Do You Know If You Have Herpes?

In today’s life, sex is common among the people, especially for youngsters, they give more preference to sex. Most people have less knowledge about the diseases which are spreading during sexual activity. One of the common sexually transmitted disease is herpes, now the main question which comes in our mind is “how do you know if you have herpes? The persons who have a weak immune system are more prone to this disease. A strong immune system should be the main goal to prevent the disease.

Herpes is of two types one is oral and other is genital. In oral herpes infection starts from the mouth or face and in genital herpes infection starts from the area below the waist. It spreads from two types of viruses first is HSV1 and the other is HSV2. Generally people know if they have herpes by its symptoms. The common symptoms of herpes are blisters in the genital area or near face or mouth, pain and itching. Mostly patient knows about herpes after many days of being affected. There are no any signs or symptoms earlier, but when it outbreaks, it is very painful, some patients never experience any outbreak, but in some cases it outbreaks until 40 years than first one.

In this disease people have sores, itching around anal or genital area and skin becomes red. The infection starts with itching and then it becomes blistered, or open sore. These blisters are filled with fluid and it bursts after some days. During the outbreak, it is very painful to urinate. This infection is not curable. If anybody has these type of symptoms, it means that he or she has herpes. It is a sexually transmitted disease. The virus can be transmitted from one person to another during sex or by coming into physical contact with the affected person.

Only doctors can answer this question better “how do you know if you have herpes” than anyone else. If anybody has symptoms of herpes they should consult to the doctor and most important is that never forget to tell your sexual partner to prevent this disease from spreading. It is necessary for your partner to get tested.

You have to check your skin first. Oral herpes start from your mouth, near lips or on the face. The itching starts to occur on the skin and it becomes red. As infection increases, it will turn into sore and you will feel pain and irritation. In some cases feet can be affected by herpes mainly fingers and toes. If anybody sees blister or sore on the feet, then he or she should consult a doctor.

The players who play such kind of sports in which they have to touch or to contact another player physically like soccer, rugby, wrestling may get infected with herpes. In these cases it starts from neck, ears, face or any other part that can be touched by others. Herpes in the eyes are very dangerous. There is swelling of the eyes and irritation starts if get infected. If you see these signs on your face you can be affected by this disease.

Check your skin for sores or reddish color if you want the answer of this question “how do you know if you have herpes.” Herpes is very painful and contagious disease. It can transfer from one person to another during sex or when come in physical contact. Keep distance from the affected person. Herpes is incurable, so it may occur again. It may reoccur due to many reasons. Weak immune system, exposure to sun, stress, surgery, fatigue, menstruation, laser resurfacing and excessive use of alcohol are the main reasons of recurrence of this disease.

To prevent genital herpes one should have safe sex and the number of partners should be limited, do not have oral sex with an affected person and you and your partner should be tested before sex. So, be careful if you see any such kind of symptoms go to the doctor immediately for proper treatment.