Causes for Undergoing the Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi

A low sperm count is medically known as Oligospermia, whereas, a complete absence of it is termed as Azoospermia. Generally, male’s sperm count is said to be low if they have less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Sperm count matters if a couple is planning to extend their family because low sperm can decrease the chances of fertilizing the egg of female partner and thus, failure in conceiving a baby. While a normal male partner can produce millions of sperm multiple times a day, there can be several factors such as varicocele that can lower the calculation. Moreover, some external factors also play a major role in decreasing the odds of fertilizing the egg such as excessive drug consumption, smoking, unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle, and lack of exercise in daily routine. The inability of fertilizing the egg can hurt the male ego and the victim can go into depression. Thus, the condition is curable and a candidate can undergo the low sperm count treatment in Delhi to take the pleasure of fatherhood. Also, lack of sperms can also make the other partner depressed and can affect the relationship between the two of them. Hence, undergoing the treatment can make your relationship healthy just as before.

Based on years of analysis, here are some of the external factors listed below than can affect the sperm count:

· Getting exposed to heat can leave detrimental effect on an average sperm count. That is why the nature has crafted the male reproductive system by placing the testicles outside in the scrotum. Hence, enjoying hours of bath soaking in a bathtub of hot water can well-nigh break ejaculate production.

· Being over-weight can also affect the semen production because the flabby layers of fat can heat the testicles. However, the low sperm count treatment in Delhi can diagnose the condition and even the obese men can delight the feeling of parenthood.

· Having long-hours of sitting job can also result in infertility because of the increased heat to the genital area.

· Frequent intercourse can also result in low sperm productivity and this is the case for most of the infertile male partner whose sex drive is really high and they ejaculate at least 2–3 times a day.

· Moreover, consuming excessive alcohol or drugs can also affect the fertility of a partner as the alcohol hits the male hormone testosterone.

· Smoking more 20 cigarettes a day has shown unfavorable effects for both the sperm count and motility.

Hence, undergoing low sperm count treatment in Delhi can help the couple for getting their life back to normal so that they can enjoy the intercourse just like other couples do.