Unwanted Pests During the Arizona Monsoon Season

From June to September, the residents of Arizona experience the catch-22 known as monsoon season. The wind and rain from monsoons can be a refreshing change from the heat and dryness that Arizona residents deal with throughout the year. But as any Phoenix exterminator will tell you, the monsoons bring out unwanted pests that can cause a long list of problems for residents and their properties.

Humidity and torrential rains create an environment that makes pests extremely active. Pests in the Arizona area tend to reproduce more rapidly in the humid weather, while the winds and rain have pests ducking for cover in your home. There are many types of pests in the state of Arizona that comes out during monsoon season, but these are the most common pests that cause the largest amount of problems.

The Biggest Offenders:

Ants are usually considered harmless but they pack a punch in numbers. The monsoon rains tend to flush ants out of their homes, and that is why they go looking for shelter in your home. Ants do not offer any threat of disease or other issues, but they can start to destroy your dry goods and become a general nuisance. Ants can also attract other pests who are predators to ants. (example: roaches)

Hot and wet weather attracts mosquitoes and inspires an accelerated rate of mosquito reproduction. Stagnant water is where mosquitoes breed and monsoon storms can leave behind enough water for issues with mosquitoes to arise. Along with being an annoying nuisance capable of leaving itchy bumps all over your body, mosquitoes can also carry diseases such as malaria, which creates a significant health issue.

The winds and rain destroy the hiding places scorpions create and cause them to go looking for other shelter. Your garage, basement and garden shed make convenient places for scorpions to wait out the monsoons, and that means painful and potentially dangerous stings. Monsoon season is the time scorpions are most active. A common activity is to use a black light to search for them on a property. Make sure to have your home or business sealed to prevent scorpions from entering. Prevention is a key tool when dealing with this particular pest.

Termites are a year round threat in Arizona, which is why it is always a good idea to have the best home pest control Phoenix residents rely on to look your home over each year to check for termites. But during the monsoon season, termites get more active and look for more places to hide. In some cases, those places include your home or business where termites can do thousands of dollars in damage. Search the structures on your property for mud tubes- this is a common indication that there is an invader.Read More.