Penis Pump Routines Tips and Techniques For Maximizing Gains and Safety

Hydro penis pumps like the Bathmate and Penomet have their own individual user’s guide on how to use them correctly. Using the pump correctly ensures safety and maximum penile growth; while using it wrongly can lead to injury and even permanent erection problems, or impotence likewise known as erectile dysfunction.

In this article, we’ll be covering typical penis pumping routines that supplement the routines provided by each pump makers, Bathmate and Penomet in this case, or other brands of penile pumps available.

We’ll cover the commonly used best practices helping you achieve better gains not only in size but improved erection quality(EQ).

In addition, we’ll also highlights some of the pitfalls in which the majority would fall into especially beginners.

When doing pumping especially for beginners, it is not only the routines that matter as far as consistency is a concern, but also mindset matters. Having the proper mindset is crucial to implementing the routines as not all men achieve the same pace of growth.

Some men achieve faster growth than others, and it is vital that men who are experiencing slow progress should be patient and persistent.

Hydro Penis Pumping Concept

Although, some of the advanced pumpers reported having to achieve gains in both girth and length using penis pumps, pumping method of increasing penis size is mainly for girth gains efficient in making the penis thicker by expanding the inner chambers.

Pumping is a girth targeted routines while anyone wants to increase penis length should be using penis extender, or manual exercise like stretching and Jelqing, or combination of both.

In pumping, one of the very popular terms is called “PACKING”. Packing refers to how much of the penis inner chambers filled completely, as well as in contact with the pump’s inner wall.

As one progresses with a pumping routine, the primary growth indicator is moving up in the pump’s cylinder size. In fact, a measurement gauge is pre-printed on the pump’s cylinder for easy measurement.

A great progress means, the more the tube is “packed”, and the quicker it takes to reach such measurement are both signs or indicators the routine is working very well, and gains are becoming permanent. All these can be achieved through implementing best practices in penis pumping.

The Techniques

Penis pumping either using air vacuum or hydro pumps along with manual exercises like Jelqing and stretching is a great combination for achieving measurable and permanent gains.

On the other hand, there is more to pumping than just simply inserting the penis into the pump’s cylindrical tube and doing the pumping.

There are various techniques to pumping, and when correctly used in every session, it helps achieve maximum expansion leading to measurable permanent gains.

Popular Penis Pumping Techniques

Now, we’ll explore the different techniques in which to use the penis pump safely and effectively.

Pulse Pumping

The pulse pumping technique is performed by changing the pressure levels throughout the single session.

Changing or varying the pressure level within every session helps stimulate the internal penis tissues to expand.

For instance, have a maximum pressure level in a session may be 5in/Hg. Then;

Vary the pressure at this level every one minute. Gradually decrease the pressure level over 30 seconds period until it reaches zero. Quickly pump back up to the maximum level. Repeat the process until the session is finished.

Pulse pumping technique is very efficient, and just as the milking technique(which will be cover next), it promotes an enhancement of blood circulation and stimulation of the penis inner chambers.


This pumping technique is one of the most common and arguably the most efficient technique. Milking helps in maintaining proper blood circulation and stimulation of the penile inner chambers. As it name suggests, milking resembles a masturbation motion.

Milking should not be done in forceful motion, but in a smooth and slow to moderate pace. Ideally, this technique is done in short sets. With milking, pump’s cylindrical tube is to move in an up and down motion on the shaft of the penis.

Proper milking should be done only when the penis has become acclimated the pump’s pressure during the session, typically right after 5 to 7 minutes.

Moreover, milking forcefully for a long period can lead to a “DONUT Effect”, which is better known as “edema”. This effect is caused due to a spike in pressure level while the pump’s cylinder tube is moved in an up and down motion.


This technique helps achieve best results possible if the penis is erect during pumping. Usually, it can be difficult to maintain erection level especially if the penis remains inside the pump’s tube during longer sessions. Shakes technique is used to help maintain erection level by stimulating the penis nerve endings and enhancing blood flow.

Shakes is done by shaking the pump’s cylinder tube in an up and down motion either by using hand or through rocking motion by the hips. One thing to remember, this technique should not be done in a forceful pace, but forceful enough to allow an increase in erection level.

Additionally, varying the intensity along with the range of motion produces a good stretch at the base of the penis.


This technique is very simple. The penis pump’s cylinder tube is wrapped with a heating device during the duration of the session. An electric heating pad is an excellent device to use in wrapping the pump’s tube.

This produces heat around the penis shaft. In fact, heat is a vital factor as a means of stimulating blood flow, a vital element in a penis enlargement routine.

However, keep in mind not to leave the wrap for too long as it can cause blisters that can lead to severe penile injury or damage. Moreover, leaving the wrap for a long period makes the tube very hot so quickly.

Avoid These Penis Pumping Pitfalls

There are those who thought that doing penis pumping for a longer period at high pressure leads to faster gains. Absolutely, this is WRONG thinking. This is a very common misconception that results in a penile injury instead of positive results.

If you happen to visit some online forums that talk about penis pumping and penis enlargement topics, there are so many reported injuries. A lot of these penile injuries are avoidable if proper way of pumping is implemented and followed accordingly.

Just with penis extender like SizeGenetics proven to be effective in increase penis length, penis pumping is an effective way of increasing penile girth. Furthermore, it is safe when done correctly.

Penile growth or size gains should not be done in a forceful manner, but gentle and consistent pace. The naturally slow and methodical means of proper penis pumping promotes faster and more efficient penile growth than methods done forcefully.

2 Tips To Remember To Avoid Penile Injury When Pumping

Avoid Over Pumping

Fact, it can be very easy to over pump, yet there are those who do not take some time to avoid it. Probably, this is the primary reason why there are so many penile injuries occurred relating to penis pumping.

Perhaps one reason why a lot of men resulted to over-pumping, the pressure produced by the vacuum into the penis is sensual, comfortable, and in some extent erotic. Hence, during the pumping session, there is no sensation of pain.

If one is not careful about the pressure being produced, it is easy to over pump due to the sense of comfort felt while performing the pumping session.

For the majority, this is enough reason to get lost in the experience and forget to track time while the penis is inside the pump’s tube.

Therefore, be very cautious and conscious about the pressure and how long the exercise has been performed in order to stay within the safe range.

Beginners should not do routines performed by advanced penis pump users who are implementing what is called “pumping marathon”. Simply, this means pumping up to 5 hours every time. This routine is extreme, and beginners should avoid it.

Take Frequent Breaks

Taking frequent breaks is very helpful in stimulating the blood flow. Simply, taking a break means releasing the pressure build-up in the penile tissues.

The general rule is to take 3 to 5-minute break every 15 minutes when pumping at high levels; while pumping at low levels, in-tube time between breaks can go as high up to 30 minutes.

Performing manual exercises such as stretching ad Jelqing are encouraged during breaks.

Beginners should limit penile pumping sessions to a maximum of 30 minutes and should not exceed 2 sessions per day. Intermediate users should be able to maintain pumping sessions for not more than 1 to 1.5 hours.

Advanced users should be able to perform optimal pumping sessions of 2 to 3-hour range typically over numerous sessions in a day.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to those who are seeking basic techniques of pumping routines that can supplement basic routines provided by the pump’s manufacturer within the safety limits. This is done to avoid potential injuries, which can lead to erection issues or even permanent erectile dysfunction.

If you are among those who have difficulty or have no idea how to get started with any penis enlargement routines, having to consult with a coach is a smart idea. Yes, such coaching program is now available online.

Check out the benefits and advantages of having a male enhancement coach if you are serious about achieving real gains whether gaining size or improving erection quality.

Lastly, spend a few minutes visiting the resources page. It is packed with a huge amount of information regarding penis enlargement devices, techniques, and other resources available online including clinical studies.

How To Use A Penis Pump — Quick Tuturials

While in each penis pump referred earlier in this article contain quick tutorials on how to use a penis pump whether it be Bathmate, Penomet, or conventional vacuum penile pump.

For quick overview purposes, here are the basics of using a penis pump. Keep in mind, every user although the manufacturer recommends certain way on how to use the pump, it is at the user’s hand to harness every potential of the device by experiment while keeping safety mind.

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