Letter #45: How to wake yourself up from mediocrity
Johnson Kee

Feeling really lazy here. I just submitted you an article. The first of any decent length I’ve done for a couple weeks. Not even sure I love it but felt I had to get something out there. I have the most energy in the morning too but I’ve lost a lot of steam since Trump. Really feeling like there’s not much point. I’ve never felt so uncertain about the future in my life. I want to make a difference, but I go from wanting to run for office in an election to looking up relatives in Canada and saying “good luck” to my fellows instead. My writing barely seems to have an audience other than myself perpetuating my own pathos now. Who wants to look at that? It’s not even mediocre. It’s just “dear diary”junk. I want out of this funk that I feel the whole world going through! I want us to have lives again! I want to feel like I can breath again!

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