At least 167 injured by police at Standing Rock. #NoDAPL

I could not actually read all this. It’s too much anymore. Sharing and harting though. I’ve signed so many petitions in support to end this thing. Where the FUCK is Obama in all this BS! Legacy my ASS! THIS is his legacy. A MORALLY BANKRUPT NATION caused by a “too cool for school” and LAZY president so fearful of getting shot by The Power, he did nothing but keep his own interests secure SINCE DAY ONE. I voted for him. Once. That was enough to see what a sell out he became. He’s got a month left. If I was him, I’d start trashing and eroding the power of the presidency as much as possible now. Burn the codes, change the locks, executive order anything that makes the presidency easy or even fun. Leave giant dumps in every bathroom. A couple of fish under and behind some bookcases too while he’s at it.

The guy coming in next will not only be free of a target on his back, he’ll have armor made of unobtanium; a tailored fit hammered out by the “human” corporations that made it for him.

I’m looking forward to Trump anymore. At least he’s a REACTIONARY that we will ALL have no choice in combating with the same immediacy. Obama should be in jail for drunk driving the presidency, basing his performance on reaction time. He swerves when the bus full of kids is already falling off the cliff. The world is about to get a lot less gray as to what is right and wrong. Standing Rock is going to end very badly. It already is. It will become the rally call to end all the injustice we are about to see and feel everywhere, not only in this “nation” but all over the world.