It’s Time for Straight White Liberal Americans to Put Ourselves On the Line
Brian Geddes

Love this. I’m seeing more of it now. I wrote this the other day. Included are lists of over 208 nonviolent actions anyone can organize! Feel free to scroll through the article until you see them. The article is pretty short though.

Please study these lists. Everyone, consider your local options. Alert your local media with press releases you are doing this, VERY IMPORTANT! Send it to your all newspapers, all radio, all tv, c.o. their chief editor/news director. Find out their NAME so it gets to them directly. Local news is always strapped for anything interesting and right now they are eating up protest stories like candy. They WILL show up if you TELL them you are doing something before it happens. From there we can inspire a GLOBAL push to end facsism. Your call for action from white America is absolutely necessary but we must consider this a global effort ultimately. (Nationalism is half the problem too, just another form of “fascism light” used to squash the powerless, but I’ll save that opinion for another forum.) The networks for global unity are already in place!

Fascism anywhere is a threat everywhere.

No more time for armchair analysis of what has to be done. We know what has to be done now.

Time to act.

You now have two hundred and eight ways to do it.

No. More. Excuses.