For instance, the Old Testament speaks univocally in defense of the stranger and the foreigner, and Jesus’s own parable of the good Samaritan, augmented by his own example, make a Christian theological defense of some of Trump’s actions practically impossible.
An American Reichstag Fire
Joel Looper

Love this article. But doubt all this. The only biblical phrase any of them listen to now is the cold hearted and much loved ”the Lord helps those who help themselves.” Last check this is not even in the bible but, hey, most Christians have been hooked on “alternative facts” for a very long time already. (Pretty much ever since Christ was invented for propaganda purposes by the Romans, but I digress.) They will listen to whatever fits their hate de jour, especially now. No, I think when the Reichstag moment comes to America, we’ll follow Germany’s historical lead. “God” given “morality” will not save the day. Unless there is a fundamental shift in the human condition before it happens, human nature will be as predictable as ever. Trump and pals need to be deposed as soon as possible by any means necessary if there is any hope of avoiding an American genocide. A civil war is already happening, the lines are just now being formed. This one will look nothing like that of 1861. Lines will be drawn by the latest tweet and change from minute to minute, neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, state to state. Borders of any kind will not matter. This will be a guerrilla war with several factions, representative of the broken “melting pot” we all now realize has just been a facade of our darkest tendencies toward fear of “the other.”