Money stolen from me by bad products and services.

Buyer beware.

$35.32. It’s been a perfect storm ending in a trifecta of wasted time and money. Sure, $35.32 is “not much” by most standards. Even I can “afford” it. But for someone like me that lives well under the poverty line, shit like this can add up fast.

Here’s the breakdown:

$26.50 for a new power wash hose and gun, now trash.

$2.63 for something I never agreed to pay for on Google.

$6.19 for laptop memory that I knew was too good a deal to be true but rolled the dice anyway.

Total of $35.32.

Now the accounting of time and the details of each transaction.

Power wash hose:

I have an older power washer. The H1610 to be exact. What a P O S. I’ve barely used it. Its now junk. In the process of confirming this fact, I blew $26.50 on a brand new hose and gun.

How did I confirm junkitude? Because of the H1610’s broken pressure regulator, the new gun exploded in my hand due to over pressure. I could probably bring the gun back but this is the H1610's fault. I’m not going to stick Home Depot with the bill. Any malfunction of a regulator should default to the OFF position. Not bypass itself and just keep blowing up things down the line. Total shit design. Do not buy. I’d love to fight this one but this thing is WAY past the warranty now. I’m hoping this article gains enough traction to stop anyone else buying it.

I am out $26.50 that I will not get back.

Google Cloud Platform “services”:

A while back I was inspired by this article, build a bot to buy and sell stocks based on Trump tweets. Fascinating right? Maybe, but a bite bigger than I can chew for now. I poked around in the Google platform services for a bit and gave up. I deleted all I did. The trial period said I would not be charged. Google lied. I’ve been stuck in a service thread for weeks now. It was an “error” they now admit to and are “refunding those affected.”

I’m still waiting for a resolution and my $2.63 put back into my bank account.

Ebay laptop memory:

rlp19521, I feel sorry for you but I’m naming names today, even though this is really Ebay’s fault. Last night I saw some REALLY cheap memory. I bit. Normally this would have cost ten times the listed price but I had to try. A few hours later Ebay sent me an email. “Your recent eBay transaction may be from a compromised account.” I think they mean you, rlp19521.

Luckily I paid through Paypal and was able to cancel the transaction in time.

I got my money back.

So why am I bitching about such a “small” amount of money? Because $35.32 is $35.32 that’s why. I’m not rich. This shit adds up and I’m sick of all these events that keep nickel and diming me. Maybe most of you just blow this off as the cost of living but that remains total and utter bullshit. There is no reason in the world to accept getting ripped off. But the rippers know that if they keep each grab small, few are going to fight. Fuck you! I fight. I refuse to be that drop in your giant bucket that brings you millions a few futile dimes at a time.

I didn’t vote for Obama for a second term. I never even considered voting for Hillary or Trump. I don’t reward people for bad behavior. I don’t let junk deals and blatant rip-offs slide either.


CREDO Mobile:

About a year ago I had to fight “Credo” for a $2 charge that kept appearing as a result of a “bug” in their billing. I fought until that shit stopped and then left them for Sprint. Sprint has really been shitty too but I’ll stick with them until this phone dies. Then back to Verizon. Say what you want about them, but at least their phones work!

We have to keep doing this, people. These nickel and dime BS transactions are making people rich. They get your money by doing nothing but depending on your apathy. You’re not that busy. Fight! Hound them! Win! Make them pay you back! No amount is too small. That is YOUR shit and they have NO right to take it. Fuck “letting it go.” This needs to stop.

Ken D. Orlich

I’ve been a student of technology, politics, science, and entertainment my whole life. Welcome to my dot connecting perspective on it all! Enjoy! Please share. Drop a dime here if you can. Thanks!

UPDATE: Google paid me back.

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