Tim Burton Seems Bad
Kelly Conaboy

That is shitty. But so is Hollywood. It warps people’s sensibilities of fairness pretty quick. Money and focus groups usually do. It’s never about risk. It’s always about what is tested and works. If it was risky we’d see more documentaries covering corrupt politicians or which producer has the warmest casting couch. If you really don’t like him/they thought, stop watching the crap he/they produce! 99% of big studio movies are junk. Absolute crap. I’ve not seen a movie in a theater for a long while now. The last one I did was for a local producer in Michigan. There are plenty of indie producers to follow now online and Netflix. If you want to find a good story with a diverse cast, you will not find it in Hollywood or from any of their system entrenched well seasoned producers. Just a thought.

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