I Wish I Knew This When I Was 21.

My eyes lit up when I saw ‘…when I was 21’. I am 21 years old right now. I have plans to become an entrepreneur.

Startup a business that can help bring about a positive change to the world as well as to make a decent living. In the past, I was only concerned with making money by starting a business. I know little about entrepreneurship, in fact I still am clueless about the ‘to-do’s to start a business.

After getting in touch with many Medium authors(who are also entrepreneurs), I realised many of their products are human-centric. Products that are built for people to use, to help facilitate their lives, instead of making money off them. Most of them have the end in mind to help the rest and they merely collect a premium for the convenience their product provides. I concur with their idea and I intend to follow in their footsteps.

Reading your article strengthened my resolute to become a thriving entrepreneur. As an Asian(I am a Singaporean), I totally understand the expectations from your family to pursue a stable career and then settle down with a family of your own. Honestly, I beg to differ with their inclinations. I believe that with my current skillset, I can do much more than what I may offer at another company. I have dreams and becoming an entrepreneur is more likely to help me crystalize this dream.

Thanks for your article and all the best!