Bulletproof Mind: 6 Secrets of Mental Toughness From the Navy SEALs
Charles Chu

This article reminds me of my days in the army. All Singaporean men serve National Service under the statutory act. During my 2 years of service, I’ve been through lots of field camps, lots of trekking and survival out in the woods for several days. I understand the stress these Navy SEALS are enduring(or at least a bit of it).

I concur that physical strength isn’t the main factor determining the operational readiness of a SEAL. Bulk of what makes up a Navy SEAL would be the ability to endure mental hardship. The boredom out in the field, as well as the painful journey to reach the objective while carrying a heavy load on the back, all these feats would not be achievable without grit and strong determination.

Thanks for sharing and all the best!