I Left Facebook
Jenn Marie

You are so brave! Really! Facebook is so well engineered to steal our precious time away that people willing do so. My conscious mind tells me to quit Facebook, “DO IT!”. However, my subconsciousness is unwilling to give in. I want my friends to like my posts, I want to see all the silly stuff people share on the network and I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I recall the days where I can scroll through Facebook news feed over and over again, even though I knew there were no new content being shared by friends.

I secretly hope that my crush would like my Facebook post. That propelled me to visit Facebook over and over again to check my notifications, wishing that it would be her that liked my post. News on Facebook are so engaging, I felt like it could replace the traditional news channel for its one-stop convenience. Reading news on Facebook certainly kept me abreast of the latest happenings in the world. It is addictive.

Nowadays, I tried to visit Medium more often instead of Facebook because I trust the content on Medium to be more value adding as compared to Facebook. This is my way of mitigating the malicious effects of using Facebook. I started realising the harmfulness of Facebook after reading Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. Wonder if you had read it too? Refreshing read. It discusses the power of intense focus to produce great pieces of work. The fact is that social media exists as a bane to those who want to produce work of high quality. Social media stays strong in distracting you from the right focus. Hopefully one day I will muster the courage to do the same as you did and focus on doing some serious work.

Thanks for the article and all the best!