An actual letter to colleagues who distract me by shoulder tapping me

Dear Shola, Tola, Idris and Odion,

Guys, I know this may seem weird writing you this way but you need to know this. My productivity has really nose-dived this past couple of weeks. In order to make this week a success for me, I have decided to track every single activity I do. From the time it takes to read and reply my emails, to the time it takes to reply chats, read through my Facebook and watch Youtube videos to time I spend gallivanting.

So you know that I am in work-mode, I will have my headphones plugged in as a sign that I shouldn’t be interrupted. If you need any help with any client account, need to gist with me, need to find out if I’ve seen your latest Instagram post, etc you can just send a message to me through Slack(Slack because I see pop up notifications on my desktop).

Oh, quick one:

  • I only bring green tea on Mondays. My almond nuts are finished.
  • No I don’t have peanut butter. Buy your own.
  • I only share my coffee pods on Mondays
  • Task? Basecamp!
  • Need to fix a meeting? Check my calendar and add me on(only after writing an agenda).
  • Actually searching on Google for stuff helps. That’s how I know most of what I know.