​Nature is not perfect, I think the problem we have is that our imperfections have blinded us, so we don't see the dent on the universe.

Like probability, you can not have a 100% chance, the best you can get is 99.9% the remaining might be due to our memory glitches, visual impairment, unforseen circumstances or unavoidable mistakes.

In physics, we were made to understand that a machine cannot have a 100% efficiency. This is because frictional forces would have taken a good amount of share thereby reducing how efficient the machine works.

We as human should learn to slow down and see the reality. No matter how you try to be perfect you cannot be. It's a law.

Take for example a woman, men are looking for a perfect woman, a woman with beauty (figure eight, Mrs endowed with front and behind) and brain to support the man so they could move the world a bit.

Perfection is overrated, you can get a woman with the body but to satisfy the law of probability, she will have a brain just enough to help her move her hands, legs, mouth and that's all you get. Or you could get the woman that's not an eight figure but well complimented with a brain which when combined together with yours can move a mountain thought of as immovable.

Don't be surprised, single men like this remain single till they become irresponsible. This is because they have forgotten that the woman they want is in their mind, no perfect woman. Your job as a man is to create, yes, create the woman you want. If she's overweight, say baby follow me let's go jog, if she's not good in appearance, take her shopping and pay for it. If she doesn't speak good english enroll her in a school and pay for her tuition. Think think think!!

Nature is a system on equilibrium and so it can self correct so we can have a balanced world and that's why we have different genotypes which is also based on probability.

We have been conformed to adjust to this changes via what biologist call Natural selection.