Help the communities in need

Did you know that certain indigenous communities are 150 times more prone not to recover from Covid than average white men?

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A couple of days ago, I learned about a campaign on Gofundme to help an Iranian student in Toronto who was diagnosed with cancer. I was so happy to see that more than $146'000 was collected in 10 days. Many Iranians helped. In addition, many of them had prosperous connections who in turn supported the campaign.

Indigenous communities cannot have such support. Many of them do not have the prosperous connections that could help them through disasters. Moreover, it is not hidden from anyone that many governments have nefariously tried and still try to remove them from their territories. Certain indigenous communities are abandoned. It is frustrating to see that even non-profit campaigns for these groups do not attract the proper attention.

But the situation is worse than simply not having the first aids or the medical services. Many of these groups have just entered urban communities. Their bodies have not been exposed with the diseases that we experience every year. Hence, their immune system is very fragile, which makes them more vulnerable than other communities to Covid.

I’m afraid that some governments use Covid as an “opportunity” to get rid of indigenous communities once for all. In the crazy statistics of Corona deaths, nobody notices if a community of indigenous people disappear. Even if people notice, the governments have an excuse for abandoning these communities to vanish.

We must make sure that Covid does not give the governments an excuse for watching indigenous communities disappear. We must ask governments and the international organizations to watch out the way indigenous people are treated. We also should expect clear statistics which indicate the number of casualties (death, diagnosed, recovered) from each demographic groups.

Furthermore, we must support directly. I attached the link of a Gofundme campaign which has aimed to help an indigenous community in Brazil. Please consider helping their campaign and sharing it. Also, please contribute in similar campaigns that collect funds to provide basic needs of other underrepresented groups. Thank you for your consideration!

MA of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University