Really enjoyed reading about your journey, including going back and reading some of the history of…
Clay Ostrom

Thanks for reading and for the feedback/questions, Clay.

I’ll answer the questions by suggesting that the real work here is in building the service wrapped around the product/data collected by the product. The service will/should either enable the customer take the next step (request utility intervention, request water purifier installation etc) and provide the utility with insights on extent of issue and recommendations on next steps.

The water utility, for now and for most places, still has final responsibility for how to deal with any issues identified by Varuna (and similar products). I can imagine a future where, similar to the power sector, the management of potable water (this might actually be the ‘job to be done’?) will become more personal/at the granular level of the home. The power of a device like this can be unleashed in that future scenario.

Thanks again, definitely still a lot for us to figure out. Knowing this, and looking for feedback/questions like yours, is why I write.