In 2018, I considered taking out time to travel to learn and help people in need. While researching and discussing potential destinations and activities with friends, I stumbled into a fierce and ongoing philosophical debate surrounding the subjects of Volunteerism, Tourism and the recently coined mix of both words — Voluntourism. What started out as research into possible volunteer destinations turned into research about the philosophical — and even practical — issues surrounding Voluntourism. In this piece, I will present the substance of the argument on both sides, and I will offer my perspective on the subject.

A former colleague and I at a handwashing program organised by DRASA and Unilever

First, a baseline…

My mum came home this evening with this certificate in her hand, smiling from ear to ear. “Look what I found at your grandparents!!”, she said, “you’ve been good at this computer thing from way back”.

I smiled as I looked at it and remembered how obsessed I was then with gadgets.

I got my first phone in primary 6, it was a silver Bird flip phone and the display was in colour. Before then, I had only toyed with phones that didn’t have a colour display. I was so excited and immediately started figuring out how to use the…

Seyi Olawoyin

Storyteller | Cartoon lover | Dog Mum

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