Coinlion: A new cryptocurrency trading platform

As the cryptocurrency markets continue rising in market cap and new users join the fold, there is an ever growing risk of loss due to lack of experience, knowledge and or research before investing in any one of the hundreds of new ICO launches in any given month.

Researching ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings), otherwise referred to as Token Sales, is a time-consuming process that not many getting into crypto either don’t have the time for or don’t know what to look for anyway. To answer this, there are folks like myself who research ICO’s for hours a night and try to find the diamonds in the rough and have a track record for strong ROI when investing in such ventures. There are platforms to help wannabe investors piggyback off of more experienced traders such as Covesting.iowhich looks extremely promising and I am an investor, but Covesting doesn’t solve the problem of managing multiple portfolios for clients. You see, some folks who do all of the legwork to research ICO’s (maybe you if you’re reading this) are sought after by wannabe ICO investors and we may help these investors with what ICO’s have a better shot at a return and get a percentage of the profits generated from the investment. I personally refer to my services as Wallet Management as I don’t offer any financial advice whatsoever, though I will ask my Wallet Management clients if they would like me to purchase a particular ICO and they will say “Yes, I would” and I handle everything for them from there.

Now, people like me struggle with managing multiple portfolios and as such, after looking everywhere for a platform to manage ICOs/Cryptos I start planning the development of my own called which is everything someone like myself needs to effectively manage and maintain my client’s data and keep accurate track of everything. While my platform will suit the needs of most ICO/Crypto managers with planned functionality not yet disclosed on the site, there is another platform coming that takes it to 11.

CoinLion is a cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the management of digital assets. Say what? Yeah, these guys are building the mecca of portfolio management with a built-in exchange. You can review their One Page here.

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Now, their platform isn’t really set up to track and monitor ICO’s like Moonrunner will be, but its hard to beat a multi-portfolio management exchange platform that rewards you for sharing your trading strategies.

-Track and Duplicate Portfolios
-Trade for FREE within the LION Market
-Discounted Trading when holding LION
-Create and Manage multiple portfolios
 with the Portfolio Management Tool
-Access Research and Analytics within
 the CoinLion Library
-Access to ICOs launched on the
 platform at a discounted rate
-Advertise Portfolios and promote your
 content on CoinLion and other

-Allow users to track your portfolios
-Create and Share content related to the
 management of cryptocurrencies
-Create and Share research
-Create and Share strategies with other
-Allow advertising on your public profile
-Earn LION for being a top performer or
-Create Research for the CoinLion

Built on the ERC20 Blockchain, Coinlion is basically be powered by Ethereum and will be used to buy the ability to duplicate other traders portfolios while paying those traders for their effort. CoinLion is basically a system not unlike Covesting, whereby new traders will be able to copy off of the trading expertise of seasoned veterans.

CoinLion will solve the problems of existing exchanges and build the world’s first
 cryptocurrency exchange with built-in portfolio management,dual blockchain
 order book system, research, analytics, social integration and token generation

Now, the CoinLion ICO doesn’t start until December 18, but the Pre-Sale begins November 30th for all you wealthy folks that can meet the investment requirements. The only downfall to this platform is that its going to be some time before it launches, try July of 2018. That’s a long time to have ICO funds tied up before even being able to see the platform in motion.

The one thing I haven’t yet done is research the team which I will be doing in a youtube video in the near future and will add to this article when finished. The claims of CoinLion will be a major asset to the cryptocurrency space if they manage to pull it off, that’s certain, but the question I have it, can they…

Stay tuned for updates on the CoinLion ICO as this is one I’ll be watching closely. In the meantime, you can reach the Coinlion Whitepaper.

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