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Cryptocurrency have grown tremendously from 9 currencies tracked by Coinmarketcap in April 28, 2013 with a market cap of $ 1,596,170,459. Now it has 1,110 assets and currencies listed as of September 14, 2017 with market-cap of $133,496,794,699. or about 83.64xof April 28,2013 market-cap or compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 202.41%.

I expect using the CAGR above at the end of five years or by 2022 cryptocurrency market cap will be at $33.76B.

However, ICOs or crowdsales have also faced many challenges such as crowdsale scams and recent ICO banned from China. As an investor, we really have to be keen in our investments in cryptocurrency by minimizing the risks while maximizing a high return of investment (ROI).

In making such investment decisions, here are my lists on why you should also look at Snovio.

  1. Experienced management and reputable advisors

One of the important things to look at is the management team should have related experienced if not an expert in the industry. Another thing you should see is that members of advisory board should have integrity and good reputation. Why you should look at this? Because having meet this means that the management and advisors will support and backed the token future expansion and development. In short, it already have intrinsic value by having them alone.

Snovio has managed to have these as the management team have 10 years of experience in international email marketing, working in IT companies and lead generation businesses or companies such as SendPulse. On the other hand, advisors are good integrity to include Tomoaki Sato,Starbase Founder; Alexey Girin, Founder of Starta Capital Fund; Kairat Kaliyev, Founder of Cross Coin; and Alexander Borodich, Founder of Universal blockchain.

To know more about Snovio team & advisors, you can visit: https://tokensale.snov.io/#OurTeam

2. Better products or services

Snovio has already up & running services as such search domains, email verification, lead search and company search. As to pricing per lead where the average is about $0.535/lead, Snovio will offer lower than this average price. User base is however kept on growing everyday at a rate of 150 per day or about 7k+ chrome extension with 350K quality leads. Which I believe can be at par before to Discoverly with 25K user before the year ends.

Offering lower lead price will attract more users and contributors compare to the existing ones in the industry. However Snovio plans to increase the lead price once it hit 10M quality leads.

3. Providing incentive and aggressive marketing

Satisfied users will kept Snovio growth rate faster and hit sooner the 10M quality lead as Snovio will pay contributor 70% of the cost of the provided lead, in case the last is purchased, and internal credits of the platform for all the data provided by a contributor. Also, if successfully raised the maximum sum of $15M, $11M or 73.33% of which will be spent at marketing and PR, attracting new contributors to the system, and promoting the idea of crowdsourcing data collection and decentralized lead generation across the world. The $4M remaining balance or 26.67% will be spent on expanding and strengthening their team and a reserve fund.

Important ICO details:

ICO date: October 3 or until 30 days or until maximum cap of $15M is reached, whichever comes first

ICO price: $0.01

Limitations: Citizens and taxpaying residents of USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore and American Virgin Islands are not allowed to participate.

More about Snovio:

Official website: https://tokensale.snov.io/

Whitepaper: https://tokensale.snov.io/docs/WhitePaperEn.pdf

Bounty link: https://tokensale.snov.io/bounty/

Official channels and social media:







Sources: Snovio, Coinmarketcap, Investopedia

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