Discover the whole of East London- a guide

Be it a traveller or for a resident, London is a paradise for everybody. If you are a traveller who is visiting London for the first time or you are a resident of the area who have been staying here for a long time and yet want to see something different from what you have already seen. London has something for all. Or rather I would say that East London has something for all. For the people who likes art, music, waters, East London is surely one of the must visit places.

As a traveller or even as a resident at times it is a bit tough to decide or rather to know where would you find the unconventional places to visit? These unconventional places can be places filled with history or a place that just justifies art but these places aren’t found that easily. Now the problem is solved and you can visit all these places and enjoy the beauty of East London with this tour guide in mind. Some of the places are mentioned below which can be visited all in a day’s time.

The Limehouse Basin- Might sound odd but the Limehouse basin is actually the Regents Canal Dock. This comes as a huge surprise, not only for the people who are visiting the place for the first time but also for the residents of London. The atmosphere around the Basin is a very quiet and inviting lake village atmosphere. It is unbelievable in today’s time when we say that year’s ago it was known to be an area of workboats and of dangerous slums. Finally, today it has been redeveloped and re-designed. It houses the Docklands Light Railway and there are new housings and boats which are decorating the passage and the passage also has hidden east end canals. For the travellers, this place is a must see and for residents who need to have a relaxed afternoon or probably who want to have some kind of adventure on a Sunday morning, you can come down to this place and do what your hearts wants to do. The Colombian ground coffee that is available there teamed up along with the relaxed Indie atmosphere brings about a very nice vibe to the place.

The battle of Cable Street- Another very interesting name given to a very interesting place, the battle of Cable Street is basically a gallery. Now this gallery has a very special point to note. Since we all know that East end London comes with many outdoor masterpieces that are ready to be discovered behind all the corners of the tower Hamlets neighbourhood that are unexpected. The battle of Cable Street is a gallery that hosts famous cable street fights. It has also given its name to the mural on one of its walls. Initiated in 1976 by Dave Binnington, the battle of Cable Street was completed in the year 1982 by Paul Butler and is known to be a tribute to the effort made by the anti-fascist demonstrators that fought against the British Union of Fascists which was then let by Oswald Mosley. Today, there are many people who visit the place for all these historical facts.

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Wilton’s Music Hall- Yes, just as it sounds, this is a music hall which is known to be the oldest music hall in the history. It is termed the oldest because within the walls of the music hall, there is a witness of over 300 years of history. The building is built as individual houses and over the years it has seen a lot of renovations and restorations. In the 1860s John Wilton started the story of music and art and from there the place got its name, fame and work. Once you are the Wilton’s music hall you would be able to see why this beautiful location is the centre of all kinds of theatre, opera, dance, music, cinema, circus and other forms of art. There are a number of people who are working really hard behind it so that it maintains the original charm.

Regent’s Canal- Situated at The Palm Tree, Victoria Park which carries along the canal pathway from the Limehouse it is a nice place for any resident or traveller to indulge in some quiet walks or even for a jog or bike ride. The Palm Tree is basically an old fashioned jazz pub that is known to offer live music performances every weekend. There you will find some good beer and wonderful foot thumping music which can later also turn to be a quiet night outside. If you keep on walking on the down of the canal you will also be able to see the fascinating the pond boats that are docked along the canal. Along with all this, as an added advantage, when you are there you will be stupefied with the view of the two time Best UK park and the Victoria park. You can take a beer and walk or sit at the People’s park tavern garden during the sunset and all you will feel is bliss and the day of exploring all the places with end marvellously. Such is the beauty that you would feel like coming back to the place again and again.

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