Is Living in London worth it?

When England was a most powerful nation ruling over nearly half the world, it was rumoured that the streets of London are covered with gold. However far this may be from the truth, it is still a wonderful city that offers exciting career opportunities; has an amazing history; offers beautiful buildings on every corner; has a large number of incredible restaurants that it is possible to eat out at a different one every day; has something or the other that is always open even at 6pm on Sunday; offers large number of buses, trains and tubes with a service every 15 minutes at the max; a plethora of theatres, art galleries and museums; offers a large variety of nightlife options; has eight royal parks and a plethora of other parks and gardens; offers a taxi anywhere or at anytime that you may need although they are expensive; has at least five airports that offer services to every corner of the world; offers something new all the time and finally, when the sun is out there is no other place on this planet that could be better.

However, despite all these offerings the reality of living in London is not all that bright although people who live here would certainly not like to go anywhere else as they simply fall in love with it. It offers everything that you may need despite the fact that it has awful weather and a trashy TV.
No hope of Getting a Seat on the Northern Line during Rush Hour: Unless you live in Morden, you can’t even think of a seat on the tube on the Northern line and it is best to accept that you have to stand during rush hour if you wish to commute on the tube. Moreover, you have to patiently contend with people who simply refuse to budge to move inside the carriage.

Going to Central London on the Weekend for Some Fun Remains a Dream: However much you may make plans for getting some entertainment in central London over the weekend, the reality of living in London is that you will invariably feel too lazy and preoccupied with your weekly chores that you will much rather go to the nearby pub or to the nearest farmers market or even take a walk in the local park. The very thought of taking a tube to central London, a routine that you probably do throughout the week, will deter you and you will much rather stay around Zone 2 or 3.

The Cost of the Cinema Ticket will Dampen your Enthusiasm for Watching a Movie: If you like watching films you will find plenty of cinema halls in central London. However, apart from the inconvenience of travelling to central London, the cost of the cinema ticket will completely deter you from going ahead. You will, much rather, go to a cinema in Zone 3 for getting a normal price. If you have limited resources, you should not even think of seeing something in 3D.

One of the good things about London is that it has plenty of affordable hotels that offer comfortable accommodation with all facilities in a clean and healthy environment and London Premier Kensington hotel is one such place.

Flat Hunting in London is a Nightmare: Unless you have actually flat hunted in the city, you will not realise the horror of doing so, especially if you have to get a flat within a short period. The London property market in short can be described as a shark pool. You don’t get even a single night’s time to decide whether the flat you have seen will suit you because someone else will grab it before you have had forty winks. The best way to describe flat hunting in London is to say that it is hellish.

Even a One-Bedroom Flat is Unaffordable for Most People: If you think that you will be able to afford a one-bed flat independently, you are sadly mistaken especially if you have just arrived in the city. Most such people live in flat-shares until they can find someone with whom they would like to spend the rest of their lives. They can then wait for their promotions before looking for a bigger flat.

Not Easy to get Home by 5:30pm: It is difficult to finish work at 5pm and get home by 5:30pm because there are so many attractions such as after work drinks, the gym or a trip to the supermarket so that you will only reach home by 7/8 pm..

Black Cabs are Simply Unaffordable: If you are not rich or do not have a company credit card, it is almost impossible to afford a black cab unless you get discount fares such as those offered by Uber. Most of the time you will not look for a taxi unless you miss the last tube home or if it is raining badly and you don’t want to spoil your latest hair-do.

Rents Outside the Core of London are More Affordable: When you hear someone telling you that he has 3-bedrooms and a garden and he pays only £350 a month, you will feel like tearing your hair.

Beer and other Alcoholic Drinks are Much more Expensive in London than in the North: You can get beer at £2 a pint and cocktails at £3 in the North and the rates in London are much higher.

Your Dreams of Jogging or Walking in Hyde Park Will Remain Dreams: Since you will be living so far from Hyde Park and will find it inconvenient to commute on the tube on a weekend, you will prefer to walk or jog in your local park.

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