London Experiences Worth Remembering

Different people have different experiences to remember when they visit London, basically because London has so much to offer in its various aspects that no two visitors would record the same experiences. Moreover, people visit only those places and indulge in only those activities that suit their tastes. As such, experiences of visiting London can be quite varied but an attempt has been made to suggest the best way to spend your time in the city.

Visit the Tate Modern: This is an amazing art museum that houses an exhaustive collection of famous works of art that you may not even have heard of. It is home to the Turner Collection that will fascinate any Turner fan. It will be interesting to visit the Artist and Empire Exhibition that offers a peep into the British Empire with relation to its influence on art history. If you are a lover of art, you will find it fascinating, beautiful and worth a visit.

Making Friends in the City: If you keep visiting London, you should try to cultivate friendship with like-minded Londoners so that when you come the next time, you can meet them, have a pleasant evening with them and renew your friendship. You will get a completely different, satisfying feeling.

An Ideal Spot for Book-Lovers: If you are a bookworm and love to spend time with books, it would be best to visit Blackwell’s Bookshop on your visit to Oxford. You will find that it is the ultimate bookshop but its exterior does not truly reflect what is inside. It is a virtual treasure trove of books that appears to be endless. If you go down some stairs, you will find a cavernous space that has literally thousands of books and in the upper stories, there are even more books along with an antiquarian section and a massive second-hand books section. It is indeed a book lover’s paradise.

Take a Tube Tour: In London, you can have a unique experience of seeing an abandoned Tube station when you visit the dis-used Aldwych station that had been seen before in film and TV such as in V for Vendetta and Atonement. It feels quite eerie to walk through long-abandoned places and when you hear the experiences of people who have used it and of the civilians who were sheltered there during WWII. The tour is quite interesting and nostalgic.

Especially for Hat Lovers: If you like hats, you must visit Laird Hatters at the Strand where you can find a wide selection of beautiful caps. If you already have a collection of hats or caps, you can add to your collection by browsing through their collection and selecting the one that you like. You can try it on and then the assistant will make a few adjustments so that it fits you properly.

In order to make the most of your trip to London, it would be best to stay at Hotel Montcalm London as you will be located at a convenient place close to most attractions of central London and you will get luxurious accommodation with excellent facilities and amenities.

Attend the Choral Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral: If you are in London on a Sunday afternoon, you can visit St Paul’s at the proper time that you can find out from Google. Besides enjoying the choral music echoing from the massive walls you can also appreciate the beautiful architecture of the place. It is worthwhile listening to the choral music.

Indulge in Shopping: There are many shops in London that offer some common items but of really great quality such as Muji where you can get excellent office supplies such as some of the best pens in the world; Ben’s Cookies where you can buy the best cookies available anywhere; Stanford which is a travel bookstore offering guidebooks and Ordnance Survey maps; and the Patisserie where you can have excellent breakfast. Many travellers, who visit London often, keep coming back to these shops.

Visit the British Airways Heritage Centre: Very few people know that British Airways is home to a museum in its headquarters but it is not open to the public. Entry is only through invitation and when you visit the museum you can get an insight into British Airways’ storied history. You can even buy gifts such as books and old BOAC travel posters and you can even sit in a Concord seat.

Raise a Toast to the Inklings at Oxford: You can visit The Eagle and Child, a famous classic English pub which was the favourite haunt of the Inklings consisting of English writers and scholars such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. They used to assemble at the Rabbit Room and share pints while discussing literature. You can relish dinner and raise a toast to these literary luminaries at this bar.

Enjoy Sunday Lunch: At the Rex Whistler in Tate Britain you can relish some great Sunday lunch which is fanciful without being too pretentious. It offers delicious roast that you will really enjoy.

Reconnect with Your Partner: If you are visiting London with your spouse/partner it would be best to spend some time together alone and try to forge a stronger relationship and iron out all differences that are bound to surface in the course of your life. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from your usual routine and reconnect with each other.

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