Smart Tips For Shopping in the Oxford Street and Regent Street Areas of London

Shopping at the Oxford Street and Regent Street areas may be a nightmare for the locals of London, but to you as a tourist or business visitor, this is one of the major attractions the the city presents for you. Oxford Street happens to home most of the flagship stores of some of the largest and most popular brands in the world. So the choices for a single item that you would like to shop for really very large. This can be exciting as well as intimidating at the same time.

What you need for making your shopping trip in London a success, while staying at Paddington Court Executive Rooms, is to follow certain tips and be smart enough to identify the problem areas. We present here some smart tips that, if followed carefully, can lessen much of your pathos, and may be successful in making the day trip a grand success.

Chalk Out a Plan on the Exact Items that You Need to Get

It is very important that you have a clear idea about the exact items or more or less the things that you plan to procure from the Oxford Street. Jot down everything that you have in mind, and make a route — plan in accordance. The alternative to this can be really tiresome. You just can’t let your feet take you wherever you want to go, in an aimless way. This will take up a lot of time and resources, and you will end up with a lot of ache in your feet, without achieving anything much. So, proper planning is the very first step before you venture out into the Oxford Street.

Here is a simple tour — plan to the shops in the Oxford Street that you may follow. You may make your own amends, additions and alterations for the best possible satisfaction of your needs and desires.

· You may start your tour with a visit to the Selfridges.

· You may make your way to the Oxford Circus, where the flagship stores of the brands like H&M and TopShop are located.

· If you want a taste of the real Bristish fashion — shopping, your next stoppage should be Liberty

· Then you may move on to the Regent Street, that boasts of such brands as JCrew and Anthropologie from the USA, as well as some European leaders.

Try to be Among the First Visitors to the Stores

Most of the stores on the Oxford Street start business at 9.30 AM to 10 AM. Experience says that the stores remain quite empty at those early hours. It is the best time to visit the most popular stores, so as to avoid the crowd. It is almost midday when people start pouring in. So, if you can finish shopping before mid-day in the busiest joints, then you have been successful in getting a great advantage over others.

However, you cannot be at every single place before mid-day. There are going to be shops where you will reach at the peak hours. Be prepared for long queues at the trial rooms, assistance booths and the payment sections.

In order to save time, know your dress size before visiting the stores. Then you can also save the time for trialling. Just grab the size you know is yours, and check out whether you like the design and the style or not.

Look For Bargains and Offers in the Stores

This also requires some prior planning. If you have a clear idea as to the items that you want to buy, and make a prior research on the best stores to sell those products, you may register for their e-mail updates, and be informed regularly on the great offers, discount sales and bargains available there. Please note that most of the leading stores offer some kind of discount or the other throughout the year. Such discount sales are really there to help you save money, and not just sales gimmick. So, it is in your best interest to grab these offers and save quite a lot of money.

Moreover, you may also save some bucks from the Hotel Rewards Programs or by applying for refund of the VAT of 20% added to the goods and services before they are being delivered to you. You, as a tourist, are not supposed to pay the taxes imposed by the British Government, because you will need to pay the requisite custom duty in your own country. If you can do the paperwork properly and with patience, you can claim the full amount of tax as refund.

Don’t Just Go On Shopping — Take Lunch and a Tea or Coffee Break

The Oxford Street shopping experience and the excitement associated with it, may sometimes lead you to forget your need to have food or water. But don’t indulge in that. While shopping, you also need to look after your stomach and keep it happy. Stop for a lunch break at one of the many delis and restaurants in or around the Selfridges. You will also get good breakfast options, as well as a nice cup of English tea or American coffee. There are numerous restaurants and cafes to choose from. They are more or less mostly uniformly priced, with the range of products almost similar. Just go ahead and take a much needed break, before you resume on the shopping spree that you are on.

Have Had Enough? Come Back to the Hotel and Order The Rest Online

After you have strolled quite a bit and hopped through the shops enough. Come back the Central London places where you have put up, and order the items online from the e-commerce sites of the stores themselves. It is really not possible to cover every single store or shop within the short time that is stipulated for shopping. So, this is the next best option. You may take the delivery to the hotel, if you have ample time. or may request the store to ship the item to your home address. This option may sometimes cost you some extra bucks. The stores at Oxford Street are mostly having good and flexible return and refund policies. So, even after trying the dresses on or looking at the products, you decide to return them, you will not find much difficulty.

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