The heart of London — 10 reasons why the city will woo you

Even if you’re more of a nature lover than a city slicker, there is so much in London that even you will be wooed by it. Whether you’re staying with friends or enjoying one of the luxury London hotels, you should explore some of the hidden gems that makes London stand out. From its legendary shopping experience to its hidden nightlife and proliferation of public parks, London is something special.

1. Shopping mecca

Avoiding the big names of Harrods and Oxford Street, shoppers can enjoy a plethora of different stores, exploring Carnaby Street, Spitalfields Market or the famous antique market on Portobello Road.

2. Museums

If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd at one of the famous museums, follow the locals to the more unusual alternatives like Dennis Severs’ House. With over 170 museums dotted around the city, it is full of incredible discoveries just waiting for your scrutiny.

3. Hidden Bars & Nightlife

If you prefer a little mystery, why not seek out one of the hidden away drinking dens that locals frequent? One not to be missed is The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town which, situated beneath The Breakfast Club, is accessed through a secret door disguised as a fridge!

4. Diverse Culture

With over 300 different languages spoken within its borders and more than 50 different non-indigenous communities, London is one of the most ethnically and cultural diverse cities in the world.

5. Amazing Food

With eateries offering a different cuisine on nearly every street, the epicurean experience of London is at least as diverse as its culture. There are one of two dishes you should sample during your stay, including Calum Franklin’s pies at the Holborn Dining Room or a full English breakfast at the Wolsely.

6. Free Events

There is so much free entertainment in the city, you won’t have any free time if you want to experience them all. From the annual Notting Hill Festival to seasonal specials, free installations at the art galleries and incredible exhibitions at the museums, you can get a real taste of London life without spending a single penny.

7. Music Scene

London has over 300 venues hosting more than 17,000 performances each year. Take in an opera at the Royal Opera House or join the crowds at the internationally popular O2 arena. There are also plenty of free performances, from outdoor entertainment to lunchtime recitals at St James Church.

8. Parks

There is so much greenery in London, from the air, it looks like an enormous estate. A total of 35,000 acres of the city is dedicated to public park and the Adria boutique hotel is just a stone’s throw from one of the nicest — Ravenscourt. Other famous parks include St James, Hyde, Richmond and Hampstead Heath.

9. The Old & The New Architecture

Throughout the capital city, historic buildings stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern skyscrapers. The skyline is a juxtaposition of old and new, with the London Eye stretching up alongside Big Ben. On street level, the diversity is similarly break taking.

10. Quirky things

Want to do something a little bit different? Kayak down the River Thames in a cow-print vessel or try your hand at pottery at the quirky Pottery Café in Hammersmith.

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