3 Compelling Reasons Why You should Consider a Co-working space if you’re an Entrepreneur in Toronto

For the past few months, I’ve been working out of the Centre For Social Innovation. They have 3 awesome spaces across Toronto and I highly recommend checking them out

Without further ado, here are 3 reasons to consider joining a co-working space:

1. It makes you take your work more seriously ( You get stuff done)

Very few people can actually work productively at home. Especially for the high volume of hours it takes to “make it” as an entrepreneur. It’s because most people associate home with a place of comfort, where they come to unwind by watching TV, catching up with their family and of course, plain old sleeping.

Getting a co-working space membership changes all of that. You can have two different buckets in your mind. You work at work and you relax at home.

Much easier isn’t it?

2. The space is gorgeous and it’ll make you feel alive

Beautiful hardwood floors. High ceilings. Unlimited Coffee and Tea refills? Several people working hard on their dreams?

Enough said.

More than enough creative fuel.

3. The people you meet will make you happier AND more productive

Life is about people. Period. As an entrepreneur, it can be really easy to just become lost in your work and forget that you’re meant to enjoy life and the journey too. The people you meet a co-working space like CSI are ambitious and encouraging and they’re also passionate about making a change in the world. And you’ll be glad you met them.

The magical serendipity of your day-to-day conversations and the relationships you’ll build over a long time will make your day AND your life happier.

Ultimately, joining a co-working space is a very personal choice. But if you haven’t given it a shot, I highly recommend checking it out.

It might just be the tweak you need to your daily routine to make your business grow faster and make your day-to-day more enjoyable.

The Centre For Social Innovation has an awesome “be an innovator” for a day program, I’d recommend checking it out

You get to try out the space free for day! With your own desk, unlimited coffee/tea and the chance to meet other crazy entrepreneurs.

Why not give it a shot :)