Blog post #4

While I was writing blog posts in the past, I only focused on all about driver-less car. But I have read very interesting articles about the side-effects when the driver-less car will be on the road. Now I am going to write about money issues. The self-driving cars based on Artificial intelligence system. People want to make artificial intelligence system due to people’s convenience. But now in the job market, many people work for people’s convenience. Many human jobs such as taxi driver, bus driver, delivery services etc, will be replaced by the A.I computer systems. And also the government earned lots of money from the speeding or parking tickets, but once driver-less car will on the road. There will be 0% speeding tickets. I know it is all about the money, but we should deeply think about that.

Some people say “If many people lost job due to A.I robots, It is human’s task”. I want to ask him “If one of your family member worked as service job for a long time and he is replaced by robot, how do you feel?” It is just a way simply think. More people lose their jobs due to technology growth. Many jobs already were threatened by the 3-D printings, skill-learning technology. Many more people will lose their job in the next few years.

Now we should think about “If machine are capable doing of doing almost any work human can do, what will humans do?” According to DAVOS forum, more than 5 million jobs will be replaced by robots until 2020. We already have had same problem, when the first industrial revolution happened. We found the way we could live with machines. But this time is quite different. People with higher education could find the way they live, but the people with lower education or non-educated people could not find a job. They could not find any job in the future. In the past, even if people did not graduate the school, they had skills then they could find a job. But in the future, all kinds of skilled jobs will be replaced by robots.

Nowadays many news articles say that job contents in the future, and i could not find any articles about actual alternatives. People and governments unconcerned about people who will lose their jobs. No one knows what happens in the future. It can be a problems or not. But we should prepare all kinds of situations before that happen.

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