Blog Post #6

My blog post #6 topic is about Should we tighten gun control laws? Past few years many people have died from firearms. According to research, 13,495 people died in 2015. Recently president Obama tighten gun control laws. There are strong argument, both for against the gun control laws. Many people believes tighten gun control laws reduce people to commit gun crime. Back ground check helps to keep out of hands people who should have not them. But the other side of view say that is not about the matter with guns. The people who has mental problem commit gun crime. Recently Donald Trump said about the Paris terror attack. “it would’ve been a much, much different situation” if France had different gun laws and more civilians were armed during a series of deadly attacks in Paris. Terrorists and killers are already have guns. In order to protect ourselves we should have that too.

It is very interesting topic to debates. Many people in united states have guns. It could be issues for people who haven’t got guns yet. Because United States is the best gun-armed country in the world estimated 270 million guns total. And 13,495 people died from the gun shot in 2015. We should do something for this, but is tighten gun control laws the way to solve this problem? We have to think about it.