VPN is a very powerful tool for protecting your life on the Internet, and CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs on the market. It is very sharp in video transmission, but the back is focused on the rare life type and the large connection of senders and sender locations. You do have to pay for these features, however.

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What is a VPN?

When you switch VPNs, all of your merchants are sent into a tunnel dedicated to the providers used by the VPN company. Prevents those hiding from your network from seeing your activities and prevents your ISP from selling your data as well. Because your merchant looks like it came from a VPN provider, the viewer will see the VPN address IP address instead of your IP address. It is more difficult to track you across the website and can also be used to trick your location by connecting to a VPN server that is too far away.

A VPN is a powerful tool, but it does not protect you from all threats. I would advise you to use a separate antivirus and password manager and also verify both options where they are.

CyberGhost prices and features

One month plan and CyberGhost cost $ 12.99. Mullvad costs are higher than the current average, and Mullvad costs more than $ 5.54 per month. For the same price as a CyberGhost subscription, you can subscribe to the Hotspot Shield VPN with confidential and secure tools at no extra cost. Like most VPN services, CyberGhost offers similar features at different prices at different times. You will have to pay more in advance if it takes longer, but you will have to save more. The annual plan with CyberGhost costs $ 71.88, the two-year plan costs $ 88.56, and the cheapest CyberGhost deals three-year plan has the highest savings at $ 99. these trees, I will always encourage you to start with a monthly VPN plan so that you can see how well the service works for you.

Cost is not a barrier to security, as many free VPNs are available. TunnelBear is a free service that limits the amount of data to 500MB per month, and offers AnchorFree Hotspot Shield up to 500MB more hosting per day. ProtonVPN gives me a free subscription, and you are limited to a few subscribers, but there is no data disk

You can easily buy CyberGhost plans with traditional payment methods such as credit card or PayPal, but you can also pay anonymously with Bitcoin. Other VPN services allow you to use free gift cards, such as those from Good Buy or Starbucks, as anonymous tokens.

Signing up with CyberGhost allows you to use up to seven devices at once, which costs a lot of space and many tools. The average business of a VPN company has five devices, but it seems to be changing with the appreciation of customers. IPVanish, for example, can connect up to 10 connections, while Avira Phantom VPN, Surfshark, and Windscribe do not limit the number of connections.

CyberGhost has instructions for setting up a router to use the CyberGhost service. This is possible because by setting up VPN security on your router, all vendors will be equipped with the tools of your network connection — even the most sophisticated smart devices. Some services, such as TorGuard, sell routers and live streaming devices designed to work with their services. This is great if you do not want to do a digital DIY project.

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