Reducing global preventable child mortality to zero by 2035

2015: 5,900,000 children under 5 died across the world from preventable causes. [World Health Organization (WHO)]

That’s 16165 children every 24 hours.

That’s over 673 children every hour.

That’s over 11 children every minute.

That’s one child every 5.35 seconds.

UN, WHO, UNICEF and my own goal:
reduce global preventable child mortality to zero by 2035.
God willing we can do it.
I tried to kill myself a few years ago.
I was anxious, depressed and suicidal.
I survived; got better, worse, then better.
This is my life’s greatest purpose forever.
Find something to die for, then live for it.
So you know I really mean it when I say:
I’ll do whatever I can to get this done.
Even if it kills me. I should be so lucky.

new selfie, same SF Ali


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