Kanye is Sorry for What He Said and We Must Forgive Him
Ezinne Ukoha

As with your prior defense of Azaelia Banks, I can’t cosign this, Ezinne.

As a fellow person of color, a Muslim American, someone who’s been subject to numerous hate crimes in the 15 long years since 9/11, the most recent of which took place shortly after New Year’s 2016 on January 3rd at the Penn Station Starbucks, and was laughed at and intimidated by NYPD officers the day after the election in the subway station closest to NYC’s Trump Tower, whose friends include(d): 1. the imams shot and killed execution style in Ozone Park (http://nyti.ms/2aW1bdx); 2. Nazma Khanam, the elderly aunty stabbed and killed in Jamaica (http://nbcnews.to/2gu3FHI), 3. the teenager violently assaulted outside Muslim Community Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this past summer during the annual Ramadan i’tikaf spiritual retreat (http://bzfd.it/2fqRqa9), where I spent my Ramadan 2015 retreat, and the research assistant and policy analyst who works for the Project on US — Islamic World Relations at The Brookings Institution’s Center for Middle East Policy and was punched in the throat on his way to deliver the Friday sermon (http://bzfd.it/2fqR5Ep), it is indisputably indefensible.

Here’s how Kanye’s rant reads to me, and millions of American Muslims:

Kanye West normalized Donald Trump.

Kanye West normalized white nationalism.

Kanye West normalized fascist demagoguery.

Kanye West normalized Muslim internment.

Kanye West normalized racial Islamophobia.

Kanye West normalized the Ku Klux Klan.

Kanye West normalized illegal surveillance.

Kanye West normalized contrarian stupidity.

Forgiveness? There are too many dead, detained, and disenfranchised Muslim bodies, right here in the US, whose unequivocal suffering has never seen such fever-pitch frequency before or since Trumpmania reared its ugly head and emboldened the likes of alt-right assassins (#ChapelHillShooting) and their corporate/congressional co-conspirators (Bannon, Sessions, et al) elicits only the curse of the oppressed and prayers for damnation upon those who commerce in our dehumanization, otherization, and scapegoating.

Count me out.

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