My Mom Called Me Out On My BS Today. I’m Grateful She Did That. Here’s Why.

When I woke up today, Ami asked me, “what do you want for breakfast”? To which I replied reflexively, “don’t worry Ami. You worry too much”. I say “don’t worry” to everybody about everything. Thanks, Prozac.

She replied instantly, “I’m your mother. I changed your diapers. Don’t tell me what to worry about”. I felt bad for a second, then smiled. I’m a lucky idiot. And if you’re an idiot, I hope you’re as lucky as me.

Forget that my grown ass should be making her breakfast (she hates the way I make eggs) or that she shouldn’t spend another second stressing over me, but I’m so blessed I’m blind to those blessings.

Oh and she also added, “Your face looks like a triangle”.

new selfie, same SF Ali


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