she said, “‘Oh, you “rich rich”?’”*

SF Ali
SF Ali
Jan 13 · 2 min read

— I’d rather not use the term “bitch”, but I’m paraphrase-parodying Robert Rihmeek “Meek Mill” Williams here, and for the sake of this effusive statement, I do ask you to bear with me —

I graduated with three degrees in five years into a slowly albeit surely recovering post-recession federal economy, advised numerous Fortune 500 firms on the superfluous usage and self-referential impropriety of excessive air-quotes as a “consultant” at “Accenture”, including, but not limited to:

Ralph Lauren, Moody’s Investor Service, Pfizer, and Alcatel Lucent;

then was downsized due to “lack of work” and have spent the past soon-to-be five years this March 17th, 2019, as a self-employed self-styled freelancer…

whose rates are anything but free, and, since the Golden Arches’ famed 2-for-5 combo meal deal is, in fact, back like the cover of Lethal Weapon, one of whose menu items is, yes, hold your applause, the much-ballyhooed, sustainably-sourced, needlessly-hyphenated, Alaskan pollock sandwich…

masquerading as a Filet-o-Fish, an ingloriously racist affront to all self-respecting Irish, I suppose if you read this far, you can call me Big Fish.

Else, I’m simply broke-broke, and my credit score’s plainly a joke-joke.


all head shots™
SF Ali © 2019

  • *Williams, Robert Rihmeek “Meek Mill”. “Going Bad” (feat. Drake). Championships (2018). Atlantic Records, Maybach Music Group. Recorded and released 2018. Writer(s): Williams, Aubrey Graham, Wesley “Wheezy” Glass, Westen Weiss. Producer(s): Glass, Weiss.
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