Well played sir.
Robert Moore

Thanks for reading and replying Robert. I’d argue the exact opposite: classical Islam, i.e., the Islamic Golden Age, celebrated a rich, storied tradition of unparalleled imagination, humor, satire, state mockery, irreverence and incorrigible good times, led by poet-statesmen, blasphemous (!) philosophers and artist-creators. Think about Ali Baba, Arabian Nights (yes, there’s some fucked up shit in there, but there’s plenty of laughs, too!) and Aladdin!!! Sadly, my faith’s historical acme and its highlights have been largely overshadowed, silenced, muted, and patently forgotten from collective memory due to recent politicking in the immediate fallout of the Cold War [US-USSR stalemates, particularly in Af-Pak, etc.], external Western intervention and internal Islamist movements, Wahhabist erasure…honest to God, the list goes on endlessly. In any case, if so lucky, my wildest dream is to lead a postmodern Islamic renaissance of sorts. Wish me luck!

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