Ryder Spearmann

Well, Ryder Spearmann, this is awkward.

Too bad this incident happened, and there has been legitimate, undoctored video proof deemed admissible in a police report by the Penn Station law enforcement who assisted me on day one:

Cute of you to try tone policing me, after victim shaming and whitesplaining like I haven’t lived this shit for 15 years. Protip: next time you want to get in your feelings and pick a fight online, come correct and know your opponent. Or, better still, take the high road, and spare me and my readers from your racist, unfounded, deluded vitriol, and don’t respond. Normally, I would have already blocked you, but fuck that, I’m just peachy to make an example out of your sorry ass. Let’s review your public record on Medium, shall we?

Brace yourself. You might want to go ahead and bookmark this, write out your last testament and will, bequeath whatever hatred you have in your heartless chest cavity to any inept inbred next of kin, secure a second and perhaps third fresh change of undergarments, so as not to soil yourself. I’ll be here all day and all night. Ready? Good. Here. We. Go.

Exhibit A: in which you claim BLM, arguably the largest and most influential post-millennial “international activist movement [which] campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward black people… protests police killings and broader issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and perceived racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system” (source: Wikipedia) is founded on the “non issue” of police brutality, and exculpate criminal killer cops as possessing “imagined racism”. You are a national treasure, a real mensch. /s

in which you claim BLM is founded on the “non issue” of police brutality

Exhibit B: in which you claim the real issue behind popular criticism of President-Elect Donald Trump is his being a wealthy, straight, white man, and construct an alternate reality, the Deplorable Dimension, in which outgoing POTUS Barack Obama has surely never been held accountable, nor vilified, for anything… you must be fun at parties.

in which you claim the worst fate is being a wealthy, straight, white man

Exhibit C: in which you claim: consensual sexual intercourse is an alien concept for the human species; it is better to fondle and molest a young girl than to leave her unaccosted because Big Bad Feminism wants her to suffer; and everyone has a right to TRY to have sex with anyone… serious question, again, were you dropped on your head, as an infant, toddler, or young child, did you suffer a fall recently, perhaps a series of falls? Barring such injuries, which exact psychoactive agents are you consuming for the express purpose of substance intoxication? I’d like a hit of it, to treat the acute nausea, headache, and literal mindfucking of my brain — and, indeed, the brains of all those poor souls who will read and recommend this response far and wide throughout the glorious universe of Medium — you have just committed. Stop smoking crack.

in which you claim consent is a contrivance and everyone has a right to have sex with anyone

I will not entertain any further responses from you. Any future bullshit you try peddling as intelligent discourse will be blocked and reported, for the above, now public and graphic, reasons. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being, an unrepentant racist, sadistic victim shamer, ignorant Islamophobe, anti-black bigot, fragile white boy, and worst of all, a real, live and direct, in the flesh, fucking intentional, rape apologist (!) beneath engagement, beneath gifting the time and energy of my or anybody else’s enactment of intellectual labor, beneath being taken at face value, which is a pathetic troll who fucking sucks at trolling. However, I have gone ahead and taken screenshots of every single response you have ever made on any story on Medium, so generations hence shall know and revere you as the sorry sadsack chucklefuck who tried coming at the king. Ask about me. I’m the resident cheerleader out here, son. You played yourself. Now I made you famous. Thank me later. And if you don’t know, now you know. Consider yourself dismissed. Fuck you, and fuck your opinions.

P.S. Medium Support, at some point contrarian responses should rightfully be viewed, reported, blocked, and managed as hate speech, harassment, spam, trolling, abuse, bullying, everything Twitter is currently being dragged for. Not telling y’all how to do y’all’s jobs. I’m still your biggest fan, . But c’mon fam smh. For fuck’s sake. Really? This fool actually argued there’s no such thing as rape.

new selfie, same SF Ali


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