I was referring to your previous article “prejudice pride and patriotism…”: unlike you, I wasn’t…
The Boss Man

Your comment assumes I don’t appreciate what this country means to humanity. How did I learn to protest? Being subject to hate crimes, being blamed as a prepubescent and adolescent for terrorism, being scapegoated and villified and typecast as a murderous traitor, having friends and family both domestic and abroad subject to harassment, entrapment, surveillance, detainment, imprisonment, having civil rights withheld and denied, being stopped and frisked for 15 years, being “randomly selected” for embarrassing invasive inspection at airports, subway terminals and government offices… you should try listening to Muslim stories, not speak over and silence them.

As for my parents, what was asked of them? As legal immigrants who were naturalized and have been paying federal, state and city taxes since 1985, “allegiance” has meant literally financing a murderous, genocidal foreign policy which props up dictators, war criminals, and apartheid architects as allies, while demanding silence and complicity in this hegemonic enterprise, and being asked to live in a ghetto with pimps, gangbangers and other felons called Section 8 housing when the shelter ran out of room. Spare me the Patriotism 101 spiel. Dissent and critique is the pinnacle of patriotism.

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